domenica 18 marzo 2012

Rugby 6 Nations: Italy 13 vs Scotland 6... a new passion in Italy!

 Rugby is not the most popular sport in italy. But considering that yesterday thre were over 73.000 person at the Olimpic Stadio in Rome than iits popularity is definetively increasing!
I spent a year in Edinburgh Scotland as a young studend and I definetively left my heart there! So for me I was of couse hoping that Italy would win, but if Scotland had won I would have been happy too!
I must say that hearign the Royal  Scottish Bagpipes playing brought me back to those years and the familiar sound I used to hear by the Castle, or sometimes coming from the places were they practices!

The Olimic Stadio in Rome
The Royal Scottish Bagpipes.
To me it means a lot good memories of my time in Edinburgh!

La Banda dei Carabinieri
Roman Beautis
Scottish beauties!
Italian beauties
The national italian Rugby team at the end of the match
Stadio dei Marmi hosted the III round

3 commenti:

Ilenia ha detto...

...e gli italiani scoprono che non esiste solo il calcio...
But it's only a dream!!!!!!!!!!!

Elettrarossa ha detto...

So now we just need to become good at rugby :D

Ps. Bagpipe's sound is magic!

Lasagna the cat ha detto...

Il rugby mi sembra uno sport molto amichevole, nonostante le apparenze ;) Fosse così anche il calcio....
Prendessero spunto dal terzo tempo ^_^