domenica 28 ottobre 2012

Eataly - a day of excellent italian food

The recently opened Eataly in rome is one of the best place world for Italian food. Today they had an extra event tied to il "salone del gusto" promoted by Slow Food. It is only two metro stops from my home so what a better place to go in a grey October day to taste excellent food from Italy?
This olive oil is only one month old, the taste was so incredibly fresh and fruity!
Porchetta from Ariccia is simply the best!
Porcini mushrooms in olive oil
a fresh "gallinela" from the mediterranean
and a perfect and creamy espresso prepared by that gorgeous coffee machine below.

martedì 25 settembre 2012

Moustache on a Stick - handtatted !

 yes.. Yes.. yes !!!.. I think I am getting a bit crazy! 
I just got into the fake moustache mania and I have prepared mine with handtatted lace in white I have of course handtatted myself.
 I have adorned it with satin ribbon and extra sparkly Swarowsky crystals.
 And I had a bit of fun taking pitcures of them.

lunedì 23 luglio 2012

a day on the beach south of Salerno

a day  on the beach south of Salerno.
beach watching
not much people in this remote part of the beach
some bathers in the evening
a look at the port from above
the steps to the Pizzeria
a basket full of pizza and a Nastro Azzurro beer

martedì 17 luglio 2012

Tatting on the beach

Some people just sunbath on the beach... I do tatting!
Here are a few sea glass from Amalfi that I have covered with hand tatted tatted lace. The last one in turquoise is still a work-in-progress in this pitcure!

  Those sea glasses are particularly beautiful, and the holding them in my hands makes me feel the power of the sea, .. and that tatted lace in such bright colours just puts a smile on my face!

venerdì 8 giugno 2012

A turquoise tatted mask

 I had in mind to prepare a turquoise blue mask for quite a long time, but like any good crafter I always have too many projects in mind that I can possible turn into real object.
 A special request from a ETSY Customer finally broght me the right motivation to start this project.
I must say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mask, and soon I will have to prepare one for mysel.

this was the work in progress

giovedì 5 aprile 2012

Nature Inspire Collection by LilliCose

This great collection inspired by nature has been curated by LilliCose. Visit her shop to see the great items she creates with recycled and unusual materials.

martedì 27 marzo 2012

Tatted Lace Bracelet - White Magnolia Arabesque

Spring has finally arrived, and the white starts magnolia at my mother's hous is in  full bloom.
This handtatted bracelet is inspired by the elaborated and intricated pattern of this gorgeous tree branches.
As usual all has been handtatted and finished by myself.

Drilled Amalfi Sea Glass.. preparing the base for new creations

Last week the drillingi madness caught me, and I spent the week-end drilling holes in my beloved Amalfi Sea Glass and all those beauties will be the base for some of my jewels, and soon will be featured and sold in my  shop.
 And so I drilled green, milky white  and amber brown sea glass. It is so nice to see all of them all together, I can feel the power of the sea tides.
And by the way drilling was like a stress teraphy :-)  !!!

giovedì 22 marzo 2012

Mermaid Nest - Nested Sea Glass

 Three sea glass in milky frost and two different bottle green are gently hosted in a a delightful nest made with antiqued salvaged brass wire. I have then adorned it with irregular peridot green crystals and clear glass drops.
This mermaid nest was born after watching a tutorial in you tube posted by  LovePotionDesign who is skillfull artisan. Take a look at her youtube channel:

mercoledì 21 marzo 2012

Violets and cyclamens bloom by aliquid

another great selection curated by AliquidTextileJewels who is a great artisan with a great ETSY shop.

Maratona di Roma - Run for Fun

The start of the Run for Fun : 100.000 people from all over were partecipating!
Dags are welcome to parteciapte
... in case you get tired grab your Vespa!
Such a great sunday can be finished only in front of a good Carbonara and a glass of wine in Trastevere!

domenica 18 marzo 2012

Rugby 6 Nations: Italy 13 vs Scotland 6... a new passion in Italy!

 Rugby is not the most popular sport in italy. But considering that yesterday thre were over 73.000 person at the Olimpic Stadio in Rome than iits popularity is definetively increasing!
I spent a year in Edinburgh Scotland as a young studend and I definetively left my heart there! So for me I was of couse hoping that Italy would win, but if Scotland had won I would have been happy too!
I must say that hearign the Royal  Scottish Bagpipes playing brought me back to those years and the familiar sound I used to hear by the Castle, or sometimes coming from the places were they practices!

The Olimic Stadio in Rome
The Royal Scottish Bagpipes.
To me it means a lot good memories of my time in Edinburgh!

La Banda dei Carabinieri
Roman Beautis
Scottish beauties!
Italian beauties
The national italian Rugby team at the end of the match
Stadio dei Marmi hosted the III round