mercoledì 28 aprile 2010

Sea Treasury Hunt

Some sea treasury from a sea hunt this last week-end by Amalfi. It was a particular lucky day and I was very lucky to find so many beautiful "Mermaid's Tears".
Soon some of tehm will be on sale in my Etsy Shop... and some will become the centerpiece of one of my sea and handmade jewels.

giovedì 22 aprile 2010

my SUNNY pendant made to ETSY front page!

my SUNNY pendant made to ETSY front page!
A special thanks to ScaccoAlleRegine who curated this lovely treasury!
The slideshow below shows the great items in this treasury.

mercoledì 21 aprile 2010


I love to walk on the beach in winter, and I have a passion (or mania ?!?) to collect sea glass, ceramic, stones and pebbles. My companion is very patient, however I know that deep inside he thinks I am a little bit crazy ... but last sunday he came to my "beading corner" and without being asked he complimented on this sea marble pendant and said he looked like jewelry from the '800.
I was amazed as this is was exactly how I intended it to look and feel

The first steps of a Mermaid's Tear Necklace

Those are pitcures of  a necklace in the making. The design in my mind is of an opulent and complex necklace with several elements like the sea star with a Swarowksi sparkling heart, several sea glass component in different green tones, and small stars with small round murano emeral beads... however with all of my creation more ideas will arise in the making and I am curious to see how it will look like when finished.

Roman Beach of Pirgy

The colour of the sea in April are  simply fantastic, the air so clear and very few people are strolling on the beach on a still cold saturday. What you see here is the coast where once stood an etruscan site, then an ancient roman port andnow a meadioeval castle.

mercoledì 14 aprile 2010


This natural sea stone has been levigated by years and years of rolling in the tirrenean sea by the beach of Pyrgi who was once inhabited by etruscan and then an ancient roman port.
Its rough surface makes remids me of the lunar surface, I have used purple violet tones  high precision beads and each face has a different finish (see more at my ETSY shop):

Blue Ski and Lilac and Mauve Shades in Spring

Spring is slowly arriving. Lilac seems to be all around.

sabato 10 aprile 2010


My NATURAL ROME BEACH STONE PENDANT made it to front page curated by ETSY Team:

venerdì 9 aprile 2010

Carbonara Evening

Tonight I had nothing in my fridge  but eggs and bacon... perfect for a Carbonana... my version is with whole wheat pasta (penne to to be precise!) and a somehow ligher version as I do not use cream ... a little concession to the diet I should be doing (!)
But I had a lot of fun taking pitcures of the making of .. and the "after"

The bacon is frying in the pan, actually this is what here in Rome is called "guanciale" . Of course as any italian kitchen and as a coffe ddicted  my Bialetti coffe maker is always on the stove ready to be used.
The eggs needs a good portion of of freshly grounded pepper...
and hier is the result.. again some fresh grounded pepper (I love the smell of it .. simply love it!!) and garlic bruschetta bread....
by do you like my ceramic dishware I purchased in Amalfi?