mercoledì 12 ottobre 2011

Primitive Sea Pebble Necklace for Him

Finally I took my Dremel and I have started drilling holes in my beloved sea glass and pebbles. I want to use them to create a primitive rustic series of jewelry that will suit also men.

I must say that drilling holes in the sea glasses or pebbles I have found ( but I am sure I do not find them, but that they find me!!!) and selected is a strange feeeling... yes... it certainly feels strange to drill a hole into something that has been nurted by the sea so long.
The pitcures here shows a men's necklace with genuine sea pebbles from roman beach in italy. I like the primitive rustic look.

mercoledì 5 ottobre 2011

I am falling in love with covered sea glass and stones

I am falling in love with crochet covered sea glass and sea pottery. it seems like the pieces from my huge sea glass collection are calling out and screaming they want to find a new live. 

This one has one side with handtatted lace and the other one crocheted.