domenica 30 gennaio 2011

Magic Garden

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This is the Magic Garden in the city of Salerno in a magic rainy day!
This pitcures have been taken in a rainy afternnon where most of the people did not adventure into this magic garden of light in the city of Salerno oin souther Italy. The air was crispy and cold. full of the magic of all those light on the trees of the Villa Comunale by the Simphnoic Theather.
Most of the light are made with recycles plastic bottle, unofrtunaly this cannot be seen so well in the video, but can be seen in the pitcures below.

SeaGlass in a Bag Earrings

My latest creation are those little bags earrings with genuine Amalfi sea glass inside. 
A little bag with a little piece of Italy!
For quite a long time I wanted to make earrings combining sea glass and beading, however working with sea glass is not like working with beads or commerical cabochon as there are no  two piece that are the same and I was looking for a solution that would rsult in an almost equal two pieces suitable for earrings. With this little cute sweet "bags" I have found a solution that satisfies me, they are cute, sweet, ironic and fun... and I am REALLY satisfied.
Sea Glass in a Bag Earrings


giovedì 27 gennaio 2011

La Signora Bertolotti has a wishlist!

Isn't this wishlist a beauty? Dear Mrs. Bertolotti I hope that the person who has to understand the "hidden message" will take care of your wishlist and cover you with sweet valentine's presents!
This great treasury has been curated by bijouxdellostregatto who is a member of the EtsyItaliateam.

martedì 25 gennaio 2011

Cappuccino - Natural Sea Stone Pendant

Finally I have picked up my beads stack and from picked this natural sea stone from the huge box of "natural cabochon". My eyes got caught by this stone, with beautiful earth tones and gorgeous brown veins that reminds me of a nice warm cappuccino. I have casted the sea stone with coffee/chocolate brown tone beads and each side is different. More in my ETSY shop.
Side "A"

Side "B"

lunedì 24 gennaio 2011

Sunshine Yellow Crochet Earrings

Sunshine yellow crochet earrings.
This earring makes me smile anytime I look at them... they are so bright, funny and sunny!

lunedì 17 gennaio 2011

Poll: What's your favourite creation?

VOTE! VOTE! Vote! Poll: What's your favourite creation?
Challenge : My heart beats for you!
Oh my sweet Valentine!!!Take a look at this romantic collection made to celebrate the most romantic day of the year!
And don't forget to vote your favourite one! You can vote until January

domenica 16 gennaio 2011

my new boots for my winter beach days

I bought a pair of new boots for my winter beach stroll on  the beach. So today I took the train and went to Ostia beach to try them. They are perfect.
And the day was beautiful with no win, the water was warm and some tourist went barefoot.
 A great day for collecting pebbles.
 a day with a postcard sunset.

venerdì 14 gennaio 2011

oh my OWLs

I must be crazy... I spent and entire day to make those owls... at a certain point I was feeling like Penelope as I was doing and redoing each little part until I was satisfied... my mother is staying gin Rome with me and she was laughing so much as at a certain point those owls was looking everything but like owl.
But after many coffees, some home made pasta she made for me (good-by diet !) here are some of the owls we designed and finished today.
Owl In Love- with Hat

Owl with a Daisy

Owl Sisters

Owl sisters & brothers

domenica 2 gennaio 2011

a January day by the sea

Today I took a stroll by the sea in Salerno. Sunshine and a pleasant temperature... and my best half in bed with an intestinal flu and could not come with me to enyoy such a pleasant stroll.