domenica 8 settembre 2013

Liquore al caffee

Mi piace fare i liquori in casa. Tempo fa ho  letto questa ricetta facile facile sul blog di Giallo Zafferano e oggi ho voluto provare a farlo.
E' veramente facile e semplicissimo da fare:
400 ml di caffe’(che equivale a circa 4 macchinette di caffe’ da 3 tazze)
400 ml di alcool per liquori
400 gr di zucchero

Preparare il caffe e scioglierci lo zucchero, aggiungere l'alcool per liquori e imbottigliare. Io alla ricetta orginale ho aggiunto anche un pochino di vaniglia per dolci. E' già buonissimo , ma credo che sarà migliore in un paio di settimane.

domenica 14 aprile 2013

spring at the amalfi coast

the fist days of spring are perfect for fishing

beach treasury
a tipical handmade pottery shop

another great pottery shop

giovedì 4 aprile 2013

when a Greek beach stone meets an italian beader....

when a Greek beach stone meets an italian beader.... this could happen !
A few weeks ago  I purchased a beautiful beach stone from a friend from Thessaloniki in Greece.
I was browsing in her shop THALASSEAGLASS and I saw this gorgeous sea stone I could not resist to add it to my collection. When I received it I immediately fell in love with it. Holding it in my hands I felt like I was in Greece, among the thousand years of history, eating some great food, enjoying the exuberant vivacity of the Greek people ...  this is what happens when a Greek beach stone meets an italian beader .. as they would say in Grecce "una faccia una razza".
Efharistò Ariadne!

and my mother is now the proud owner of this beautiful pendant!

lunedì 11 marzo 2013

Fritelle della Nonna

My mother likes to keep her receipt in a book full of loose paper leafs, yesterday she made this delicious Fritelle with fresh squeezed orange juice and ricotta cheese. She is an excellent cook, but as any mother know time is always very limited and this Fritelle are easy and quick to make. You will find the list of ingredients below.
Le frittelle della nonna
beaten eggs sugar and then add the freshly squeezed orange juice
add the yeast and, the ricotta cheese and the baking yeast
when the oil is boiling fry them bu using a coffee spoon.
you will have a lot of fun to see them rolling and turning in the pan.
add a lot of power sugar, best if it has vanilla flawor.
yummy... yummy.. yummy.. the family will not be able to resist!
3 eggs
a pinch of salt
4 table spoon of sugar
170gr of flour
70gr of wheat starch
250gr of ricotta cheese
1 spoon of baking powder
if you wish you can add some rasins

domenica 17 febbraio 2013

Handtatted Lace Earrings with czech crystals - DAISY - Bridal bride's maid - turquoise

I am participating to the ETSYITALIATEAM February challenge dedicated to ""Love Sign: handmade with love"" with my earrings where I have used a handtatted lace daisy flowers. They are so romantic and dreamy. Take a look at other gorgeous entry and vote for the one you like the most, just click on this link to the challenge:
this picture with several daisy earrings in turquoise make me feel like spring is already here!
some other daisy earrings in other color!

lunedì 21 gennaio 2013

a wine tasting evening in Rome

impression from a wine tasting evening in Rome... few words in this post... but a lot of good wine tasting and a lot of chit chats!
and could I not taste a great wine made by the  Amalfi coast? a great wine made by a small small winery Azienda Vinicola Marisa Cuomo run by a woman in Furore.

sabato 19 gennaio 2013

My secret Santa Claus. Thank you LILLICOSE !

Each year with the ETSYITALIATEAM we have a  "Secret Santa Claus" little game in wich each of us send to another member a gift for x-mas.
My gift was unfortunately lost in the mail... so part of the surprise was taken away because I knew who was going to send it to me. However to my surprise my secret Santa was going to be the one I had wished for: one handmade items from LILLICOSE. I have been following her for quite a long time and I love the way she recycle and reuse materials and when she kindly told me that she was going to send me another bracelet I was avidly checking everyday in the mailbox for her gift... I must say I felt like a small girl!!
And today finally.... here is my package from LILLICOSE... what to say ?!? the packaging was made with a lot of care (and being myself a seller and a buyer  I know that she went the extra mile to ensure that it would arrive perfectly safe!) already so beautiful..
but the best part is yet to come...
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN... I am proud to present this great handmade bracelet:
The best part is the way it fits and the many ways you can wear this gorgeous bracelet. I really do not have the words to describe the feeling as if gently and sofly adapts perfectly to my wrist... and you can wear it with the black part on the top or the side with all the little charms....
to cut short: I LOVE THIS BRACELET !!!
THANK YOU LILLICOSE  for this original and perfect gift...I make jewels myself but this one has already become one of my favorite !!!

venerdì 18 gennaio 2013

handtatted "millefiori" paperweight

his piece is very unusual and very hard to find such a large and heavy piece. While covering it with handtatted (of course by me) flower design makes I had to think to the "millefiori" paperweight glass from Murano, thus this name.

A January Sunday by the Amalfi Coast

A sunny January sunday by the amalfi coast.
my favor little beach.

.. and some space for romantic
...and what an occasion for the daring taking the first bath of the year!