martedì 26 gennaio 2010

ISCHIA: variuos transportation and summer colourful impression on the island

On this island about 40 minutes ferry boat trip form the city of Neapel in Italy the transprotation is somehow unusual... the colours in summer are extremely bright, the nature still pristine and the food simply delicious even for an native italian. By the way the silver Vespa below was actually parked in front of a church and  was used by the bride to arrive to the church!

Bright Red Crochet Rose

I have been crocheting since I can remember of. Thsi time I had some fun in creating some bright red rose out of a fantastic italian cotton. Some of them are hangs as decoration on my closet and some are on sale on my ETSY site

lunedì 25 gennaio 2010


ome days ago I took a  winter stroll by the sea in Ostia by rome and I was struck by this red bright rose petal floating among perfectly levigated stones and sturdy seashell. I found it soooooo romantic, melanconic and extremely poetic.

Handmade Wooden Pinocchio Vintage Style Toy

When my father was young  a world conflict had just started and there was no toys shop so his father made him pinocchios and other wooden toys like this one that he is now making for his nephews.
You just have to sqeeze the bottom and then the Pinocchio will flip over making all kind of funny movements.
Some beaded beads I prepared today...

ORIENT EXPRESS PENDANT- Peyote Stitch Beaded Pendant

Some time ago in the train station of Venice in Italy I saw the Simploin Orient Express train, a train wich made me day dream of travel toward orient ... damasks... safran... chili... incense... India...a thriller from Agatha Christie... all this has been the inspiration for this pendant with its orient and retro look and has been the inspiration for this pendant and earrings