venerdì 16 marzo 2012

The first rays of sun in Rome

Fontana di trevi
This pircure were taken last sunday in Rome. This was the first sunny and mild sunday after a long and cold winter, where we could admire the snow over the collosseum.
Mortadella at "Il Fornaio" bakery near Campo dei Fiori. A MUST when in Rome!

Piazza Navona
The Pantheon

Pizza Bianca con la Mortazza: so YUMMY!! warm pizza bread sprinkled with olive oil and salt with freshly cut mortadella!!

In my opinion the best coffe in town is at La Tazza D'oro
The tumb of Raffaello in the Phanteon.
Creative crochet embellishment!
shopping in Campo dei Fiori !
Carciofi alla Romana: a typical spring specialty coming from the jewish tradition.
This dress belonged to Regina Margherita
La REgina Margherita: did you know that the pizza margherita was "invented" in her honour. The red of the tomato sauce, the white of the mozzarella cheese and the green of teh basil leaves are the colour of the italian flag. A perfect tribute for an Italian Queen.

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Elettrarossa ha detto...

...bellissime foto, tutte interessanti! Ma la mortadella mi manca davvero troppo!

immerlight ha detto...

Wow!!! Wonderful walk, great pictures, interesting finds!! I wish I could visit some day this wonderful city!!!