martedì 27 marzo 2012

Drilled Amalfi Sea Glass.. preparing the base for new creations

Last week the drillingi madness caught me, and I spent the week-end drilling holes in my beloved Amalfi Sea Glass and all those beauties will be the base for some of my jewels, and soon will be featured and sold in my  shop.
 And so I drilled green, milky white  and amber brown sea glass. It is so nice to see all of them all together, I can feel the power of the sea tides.
And by the way drilling was like a stress teraphy :-)  !!!

3 commenti:

SiCreations ha detto...

he he yes I can understand it can be a stress-relief therapy! I should try too ;-) And they are so beautiful! :-)

Ilenia ha detto...

...curiosa di vedere le meraviglie che potrai creare con questo piccolo tesoro ^_^

The Witch Emporium ha detto...

un gran bel verde