domenica 25 dicembre 2011

The X-Mas present for my mother - beaded beads and freshwater pearls

And now I can reveal X-mas present for  my mother. She loves freshwater pearls and I was very happy when I found those gorgeous freshwater pearls in pastel and metallic colours. I then added beaded beads with I prepared myself and a swarowky element for some sparks.

sabato 24 dicembre 2011

FRONT PAGE ON ETSY!!! A special X-Mas: surprise for LAperLaa!!!

What a great surprise to see my red crochet Bleeding RED BELLADONNA  on ETSY front page today!

A special thanks goes to Dianthusa who has created this gorgeous selection!

domenica 18 dicembre 2011

A special creation for my "mother in law"

This necklace  will be the X-mas present for my extremely nice "mother in law" (we are not yet married!) 
I hope she will love it. She is over 80's and from that steel generation still going strong and very active.
I hope she will like it and that she will receive a lot of compliments from her friends.
And now I will work on a special one for my mother!

lilli gioielli: Sfavillanti - Sparkling

 voglio condividere questa meravigliosa lista curata da LilliCose dove trovate anche uno dei miei orecchini. Ma non mancate di visitare il negozio  di GRAZIE LILLICOSE dove recycling può diventare insolito, spettacolare e unico.
lilli gioielli: Sfavillanti - Sparkling: