giovedì 15 settembre 2011

For Halloween I wish I had wings...

Halloween is coming and I wish I had wings and could fly. 
Enjoy this find selected form gorgeous shops at ETSY!!!
From left to right:
1) Halloween Bat Pailletes by CloudNineSupplies
2) Witch Riding by CherryPieArtStamps
3) Girl in Hair by Ninomax 
4) Dark Queen by MarlysCreations

4 commenti:

etherealflowers ha detto...

ahahah sai che stavo per fare pure io un wf in bianco e nero? poi ho virato sulle foto XDDD
bellissimooo :D

Cherry Pie ha detto...

Thank you for choosing my item among the loads of wonderful Halloween items on etsy!

Cloud Number Nine ha detto...

Stupendo davvero! Meraviglioso.. Onorata di farne parte :D

Kosmika ha detto...

Veramente bello!