giovedì 14 ottobre 2010

A Mermaid Tear in Pink - Recycling Sea Pottery

What a better way to have a little piece of Italy and the sea always with you? The cabochon of this mermaid tear is a piece of sea pottery I found on the  Amalfi coast. The piece is somehow "simple" as it is plain white on one side and terracotta on the other, however it is large and the white enamel is still very thick despite the many years this piece must have been rolling in the sea.
I wanted some contrast to the "simplicity" of this piece, so I used pink tones beads, cultivated pearls in pink, some clear drops and some light pink swarowsky here and there.
The result is this romantic and eye catching pendant. 
A different way to salvage to say "I love Italy"... and a different way to give a new life to what will otherwise go unnoticed.
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