lunedì 11 marzo 2013

Fritelle della Nonna

My mother likes to keep her receipt in a book full of loose paper leafs, yesterday she made this delicious Fritelle with fresh squeezed orange juice and ricotta cheese. She is an excellent cook, but as any mother know time is always very limited and this Fritelle are easy and quick to make. You will find the list of ingredients below.
Le frittelle della nonna
beaten eggs sugar and then add the freshly squeezed orange juice
add the yeast and, the ricotta cheese and the baking yeast
when the oil is boiling fry them bu using a coffee spoon.
you will have a lot of fun to see them rolling and turning in the pan.
add a lot of power sugar, best if it has vanilla flawor.
yummy... yummy.. yummy.. the family will not be able to resist!
3 eggs
a pinch of salt
4 table spoon of sugar
170gr of flour
70gr of wheat starch
250gr of ricotta cheese
1 spoon of baking powder
if you wish you can add some rasins

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