mercoledì 6 aprile 2011

WOW! featured in the Spring/Summer Knitty Catalogue

WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! My etruscan inspired lace earrings are featured in the Spring/Summer Catalogue curated by Knitty in the Cool Stuff section !!!
I must be honest ... I did not know this site, because I am what I guess could be called a "casual" knitter.
I usually do not follow patter, therefore I do not search much in the internet for ispiration or patterns.
Also lately I have been so caught with beading, tatting and crocheting quite a lot for my ETSY shop so that my knitting has been "limited" to wire knitting necklaces and bracelets.
This will change soon!!! I need to pick up heavy knitting again!
Thanks again to the redation of for the feature.
I am so HONOURED!!

3 commenti:

maggie ha detto...

Congratulations! Your design is so neat and lovely! *Love*

Mairi ha detto...

Congrats :) your earrings are so beautiful and the colors are cool! :)

VeGiCu ha detto...

Well deserved.... these earrings are beautiful! Congrats!