domenica 13 marzo 2011

BE ITALIAN earrings

♥♥ My ETSY shop has joined the EtsyItaliaTeam promotion for the 150th anniversary of THE UNIFICATION OF ITALY. Use the coupon code 150ITALIA to get 10% off !!! ♥♥
♥♥ Other ETSY ITALIA TEAM shops offer a special discount: Enter the same coupon code: 150ITALIA - from 10th of March on, search Etsy for those who joined the promotion by using the tag 150ITALIA♥♥

2 commenti:

Kosmika ha detto...

It will be a very interesting week, this is a special occasion for Italy and 'unity is stregth'! :)
Thanks for posting!

Merylu ha detto...

Ciao! Grazie per essere passata dal mio blog! Complimenti per le tue creazioni: mi piacciono molto :)