martedì 15 febbraio 2011

Treasury by ArtInVenice - HELP FREE GEORGE NOW!!

We need your help!!!
The most gorgeous men in the world (my very personal opinion!!) is dating an Italian girl and ArtInVenice has put together a collection of items that she might like. Please buy all of them for her so that she is busy looking, trying and wearing all this gorgeous handmande items ... thus while she is busy George is FREE for one of us to keep on dreaming!
YES!!! dreaming is for free!

7 commenti:

Kosmika ha detto...

:) eheheheh!

LaPerLaa ha detto...

lo so sono cattivella!

Mairi ha detto...

Lol :D Non tanto dai ;P

creativitity channel ha detto...


Relydesign ha detto...

mi piace questa T e l'idea ;DDDD

ARTinVENICE ha detto...

Ma Grazie per la condivisioneeeee


Mi offro per esporre personalmente i costri prodotti alla Canalis

LaPerLaa ha detto...

ART: vai esponi e trattieni!
Al resto ci pensiamo noi!