mercoledì 29 dicembre 2010

LaPerLaA is Featured in the "Glamorous Gold-Trend Report-December"

WOW!  I am honoured my Golden Tattered earrings are featured in the "Glamorous Gold-Trend Report-December" where shimmering gold is the theme!
Check this blog by following this link!

Shopping in Murano Venice

Yesterday I went to Murano for some bead shopping.
The air was cold and the usual crowd of tourist was missing or concentrated to San Marco's Square. Fortunatly the high water has gone and it was a  perfect day for exploring and handmade beads shopping... wich I did ...and I did ...and I did!

sabato 25 dicembre 2010

domenica 19 dicembre 2010

Olive Plants under the snow

Some plants covered with snow

Olive Plant
Olive Plant

Early morning

Snow in Florence from the train

The day after the snow blizzard in Florence as seen from the train.
It is so rare to see snow in Florence and i wish I had the time to stop and to take a stroll trough this magnificent city.
The night before it was a night mare for many many passengers as several trains were cancelled or had tremendous delay caused by the snow blizzard.
Now I know that for many of you this might look like  a little bit of snow... but for Florence this was an extraodinary event!

lunedì 13 dicembre 2010

sparkling nights challenge

Hier is the link to the challenge: enter and vote for the item you like the most!
This is my entry for the ETSY Italia Team challenge for the month of December "Sparkling nights".
The earrings are filigree shades of roses that I tatted myself by using a metallic high quality Italian yarn... very difficult to work with as the metallic part has the tendency to run off my fingers as I work with it, but the result is an extremely light weighted sparkly rose silhouette
A matching pendant is also available, and very soon I will also prepare a silver rose.
What a great way to reevaluated tatting!

martedì 7 dicembre 2010

Golden Tatted Lace Earrings

Tatting tatting tatting... when I am not combing beaches looking for sea glass, beading or crocheting I love to tatter.... I have learned it long time ago and I love the relaxing click clack sound that the navels makes when you create the lace..
This earrings have been particularly difficult to tatter as the yearn is a little bit "metallic" and I can't tatter my way around as fast as I usually do.. wich is the most fun part as everybody can't understand what how in the earth I can ultimately createa piece of lace.
I had imagined a pair of earrings that would shine, be lacy and sexy, have a certain retro vintage flair and be extremely light for the upcoming holidays.
I think I have succesed, what do you think?
Gold Lace Tatted Earrings by LaPerLaA


Do not miss the opportunity to win one the  handmade fabric rubber ducks my mother made for my ETSY shop along with great items from fellow ETSY ITALIA TEAM creative crafters.

mercoledì 1 dicembre 2010

TREASURY TIME - "Frozen lace" by Lunica

My frozen lace mermaid tear with Amalfi sea glass  is included in this beautiful treasury created by Lunica. She creates beautiful handmade creative bags, purses, tote and more.
Thank  you Lunica for sucha beautiful treasury.
visit this treasury and leave a comment by following this link