martedì 7 dicembre 2010

Golden Tatted Lace Earrings

Tatting tatting tatting... when I am not combing beaches looking for sea glass, beading or crocheting I love to tatter.... I have learned it long time ago and I love the relaxing click clack sound that the navels makes when you create the lace..
This earrings have been particularly difficult to tatter as the yearn is a little bit "metallic" and I can't tatter my way around as fast as I usually do.. wich is the most fun part as everybody can't understand what how in the earth I can ultimately createa piece of lace.
I had imagined a pair of earrings that would shine, be lacy and sexy, have a certain retro vintage flair and be extremely light for the upcoming holidays.
I think I have succesed, what do you think?
Gold Lace Tatted Earrings by LaPerLaA

2 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

Ooh! Simply stunning! Penso sia semplicemente meraviglioso e che tu abbia le mani fatate (e dorate)!

LaPerLaa ha detto...

Grazie... e tutto questo detto da una che è mille volte più brava di me!
Thank you!