venerdì 9 aprile 2010

Carbonara Evening

Tonight I had nothing in my fridge  but eggs and bacon... perfect for a Carbonana... my version is with whole wheat pasta (penne to to be precise!) and a somehow ligher version as I do not use cream ... a little concession to the diet I should be doing (!)
But I had a lot of fun taking pitcures of the making of .. and the "after"

The bacon is frying in the pan, actually this is what here in Rome is called "guanciale" . Of course as any italian kitchen and as a coffe ddicted  my Bialetti coffe maker is always on the stove ready to be used.
The eggs needs a good portion of of freshly grounded pepper...
and hier is the result.. again some fresh grounded pepper (I love the smell of it .. simply love it!!) and garlic bruschetta bread....
by do you like my ceramic dishware I purchased in Amalfi?

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